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Office applications

Outlook: Outlook keeps your email organized and professional, as well as links to your business calendar, professional contacts, and to-do lists. This email application will quickly become your constant sidekick for handling employee questions and customer relationships. Word: The most straightforward and loved of Microsoft applications, Word is how businesses communicate with their teams and their customers when drafting business plans, memos and letters, reports, and so much more. It integrates with all other Microsoft applications seamlessly for importing charts and other visuals to create documents with powerful pictures and words that drive your operations. Excel: Excel is the world standard for financial data and calculations in any industry. It’s an incredibly flexible and powerful tool that makes finances simple, and no company can function long without it. PowerPoint: PowerPoint works inside and outside of your company,making it more effective. Within the company, you can host meetings with strong visuals that help everyone agree to and understand the company goals, as well as share results when your business grows and changes. On the outside, presentations are a critical sales tool to visually demonstrate the strengths of your product. OneNote: OneNote is a single application that combines the best features of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to take flexible notes and accommodate designs in any kind of creative format you can think of. Write with your hands, type, draw pictures, record audio, or express yourself any way you want in one convenient file for online sharing. It’s a great way to take notes or brainstorm with a team where everyone can contribute. Access: Access is a database for storing large amount of complex data. It’s easy to search, organize, and call up relevant information about inventory or customers, even if you or your employees don’t have a background in data

Increase business productivity

Even though investing money in your administrative tools may not sound as important as a sales strategy, products like Office 365 actually do support increased productivity and sales. When your business is more organized, your team can spend more time growing the business, and the ability to track results and relationships will help you understand where the profitable opportunities are. We’d love to show you how technology can support your unique business needs, so contact us today.