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What is Dynamic 365?

In 2016, Microsoft announced the newest addition to its suite of world-class products: Dynamics 365. It’s an entire line of cloud-based products for both enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM). These applications help you keep your business organized using a common data model that will still work with customizations from our team to fit your specific needs. The Business Edition is most popular among our customer, because it’s designed specifically for small- to medium-sized businesses with fewer than 250 employees. For businesses around Lagos, it provides maximum flexibility and scalability to keep up with your rapid growth.

Program benefits

The Business Edition offers great benefits to growing companies, helping them handle basic operations so the business can spend more time on strategic planning. Options include: Finance and operations: The finance module is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For the Business Edition, manufacturing functions have been removed for a more streamlined experience for smaller businesses. If you need manufacturing capabilities, talk to our team about the Dynamic 365 Enterprise Edition. Sales support: The sales module of the Dynamics 365 Business Edition is optimized for small business customers and contains all the tools your salespeople need to manage new leads and stay on track throughout the whole sales process. It helps your business turn relationships into revenues by predicting customer needs as you update and add more client information over time. Retail: For retail operations, you can manage shoppers, employee productivity, and inventory all in one place, which allows you to manage your business effectively. Marketing: The Marketing module of Dynamics 365 can help you organized marketing campaigns across channels, so you can reach customers via email, text, web, and more, as well as track the results to find out what works best.