What is Sunvait Pay?

Sunvait Pay can help you build and maintain loyal customers with easy, fast, and secure online payment for your products. With Sunvait Pay, you maintain close customer relationships and control the shopping experience from first click to checkout. Sunvait Pay fits in to your branded checkout experience and allows customers to use their own login to identify themselves and shop on your website and mobile apps.

Accepted payment methods

Sunvait {ay accepts credit cards, debit cards, and emoni (mobile money) payments. Emoni transactions come with 6-digit number and can be linked to your business bank account, and your customer only needs to have a SIM card to initiate a transfer. Credit cards currently accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express

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Processing fees

If you receive payment from a payment method issued outside of the Nigeria, SNL will collect a 4.5% cross-border processing fee and the authorization fee described above, plus tax where applicable. The 4.5% cross-border processing fee is charged only when the transaction is captured. For example, if the customer’s credit card was issued outside of Nigeria, the cross-border fee will be applied to your transaction—e.g., if an N150 cross-border transaction is made on your website, the total transaction fee would be N2,506.75, according to our standard rate.


If you dispute a chargeback claim that is not covered under our Payment Protection Policy, we will assess a fee of N5000.00 plus tax where applicable. Please note the dispute type, which tells you that the chargeback is one of the following:

• Unauthorized transaction chargeback is the result of an unauthorized charge and potentially eligible for the Sunvait Pay Purchase Protection Policy, as described in the Customer Agreement.

• A service chargeback is filed by a customer, which means that you need to note the card type and dispute reason code so that you can determine which types of information to submit if you dispute the claim

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